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Chenango Ambulance Services Inc.

About Us

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Residents like to know about the company, how it formed and who we are!

Prior to 1976, ambulance service in the Town of Chenango was provided by the Broome County Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Department disbanned the ambulance and several new ambulance squads were formed. One of these was the Chenango Volunteer Emergency Squad. The squad operated until 1986 when it merged with the Chenango Fire Company. In 1987, the EMS service became one of the few in the area to offer Advanced Life Support using a 100% volunteer force. In late 2003, it was decided that the ambulance should once again become an independent entity. In January 2005, the Chenango Ambulance Services, Inc. answered its first call. Other EMS agencies around the area were so impressed with Chenango Ambulance, that the company received an award for Agency of the Year Since then, the ambulance has continued to grow and expand by leaps and bounds. In 2007, our first brand new state of the art ambulance was purchased. Then in 2008, we purchsed a GMC to use as an ALS FLYCAR. Hoping to make our advanced care quicker, and more more sufficiant.

The future holds great challenges and excitement for Chenango Ambulance. Soon, we hope to bring an even higher level of care to our patients, as we pursue to provide more advanced procedures and medications to our patients. We also plan to start the processes of constructing a brand new station to house our fleet of ambulances. The future is bright, but we can't move foward with out people like you.



Chenango Ambulance Services Inc.
1135 Upper Front Street
Binghamton, NY 13905